Why is the backside of the chrome plated Buck's Lower mounting bracket not as shiny as the front?

  • To keep part cost down, the backside is done in production chrome and front is done in show chrome.  Show chrome requires much more labor to achieve that luster and shine.  The backside is not seen therefore the decision. 

Are Buck's Lowers compatible with the OEM Yamaha passing lamp setup?

  • Yes they are.  Included instructions instruct you how to perform this install.
  • We recently made a slight modification to our mounting bracket allowing an easier install effort with respect to passing lamp installs.

 Are Buck's Lowers compatible with all fairings?

  • OEM Yamaha fairings don't use the quick disconnect chrome plated windshield mounts.  It uses a different left and right OEM mount bracket.  Because of this, there was a minor 3/16" interference fit between our original first 20 or so blades sold and the fairing mounts on the lower corner which we rectified on our new order of blades.  If you have this issue now or later on, please call me and I will work with you to rectify it.  It's an easy fix.  Bottom line...yes they fit. (Thank you Douglas for your help)
  • Memphis Fairings will work however you will need approximately an .820" long bushing to replace the space normally occupied by the OEM Yamaha windshield mounts.  These bushings can be easily found at your local Home Depot or Lowes stores.  It may be advisable to use a 60mm length M8 mounting bolts instead of our supplied 50mm M8 bolts.  However, one of our customers who provided this information with photos indicated the 50mm lengths bolts did work by removing a few washers during install.  Just be sure you have at least a 1/8" spacing between the acrylic blades and your forks.
  • Vector and Dragonfly Fairings will work because these fairings use the Yamaha OEM windshield mounts.
  • Memphis windshields use about a .500" length bushings plus the included washers.

 Can you polish the acrylic blades if necessary?

  • Yes.  My favorite product to use for this is Meguiar's headlamp polishing compound.  Works wonderfully.  Works also great on the outside edges to brighten them up as well.

 Do Buck's Lowers work without the Yamaha OEM windshield brackets/spools?

  • Buck's Lowers original intent was to complement the existing Yamaha quick disconnect windshield system.  Should you choose to use Buck's Lowers without the OEM windshield system you would have to use spacers as mentioned above to move the lowers ahead of your forks.  Proper spacing between the blades and fork tubes should be 1/8" minimum.

Can I buy just the acrylic blades?

  • Yes, we just added that option to our website.

What acrylic blades do I order for the Lindby Engine Guards?

  • Bucks "No Engine Guard" acrylic blades fit both the 605-1 Linbar and the 13605 Multibar.  This is due to the fact that these Lindby bars already have a joggle in their configuration.

 What should I do if my acylic blades touch my forks after installation?

  • You can tweak the mounting bracket slightly by pulling it forward towards the front of the bike.  Do so only to achieve about a 1/8"-3/16" parallel  spacing.
  • Another option would be to add more stainless washers easily found at your local hardware store.

What finishes do you currently have?

  • Show Chrome
  • Matte/Satin Powder Coat.  This finish matches nicely with your frame and cylinder heads due to the sheen of the black on these areas.
  • Gloss Black (80% sheen).  Goes very well with the Midnight Edition model Stratoliner and Roadliner.