Your kit should include:

  • Two acrylic blades
  • 2 each stainless steel 50mm x M8 bolts
  • 4 each stainless steel ¼-20 x .750 bolts
  • 10 each stainless steel washers
  • 8 each rubber bonded stainless steel washers
  • 4 each ¼-20 stainless steel Nylock nuts

(If any of these items are missing contact us immediately so we can be of service to you)


Blade Install Instructions

  1. Remove all protective film on both sides of acrylic blades. Use duct tape or Gorilla tape to get the edge to pull up easier if necessary.
  1. Locate blades BEHIND the mounting bracket
  2. Insert ¼-20 bolt into a rubber bonded washer and thru bracket and blade. Follow up with another rubber bonded washer on the back side of the blade.
  3. Install Nylock nut and tighten securely. The rubber bonded washers are conical and will flatten after tightening…this is okay.

Note: Bracket holes are slightly oversize to allow minor lateral adjustment if needed. Also, the mounting bracket holes are elongated for minor adjustment as well.  This helps with passing lamp folks.


Mounting Lowers

WARNING: Cover Your Fender below the light bucket with towels etc. for protection from falling tools or hardware before you begin!  You’ll thank me later.

  1. Locate your two each lower windshield mounting bracket bolts just under the headlight bucket. Once removed you should see some long spacers behind the windshield brackets.  Do not lose sight of these.
  2. Obtain the 50mm length bolts in your kit and put one each washer on each bolt. The rounded edge of your washer goes towards the mounting bracket.
  3. Carefully feed the bolt with washer thru the mounting bracket but prior to entering the hole and hidden spacer, install 4 each washers from your kit on to bolt. Rounded side of washer towards the hole.  These washers are needed to space the bracket away from the windshield brackets.
  4. Repeat for other side. There should be a parallel gap of about 1/8”-3/16” or more between fork and blades.  If not tweak bracket slightly to achieve gap.
  5. If you have Passing Lights, you will not need to use 4 washers as noted in diagram below but use 2 washers. If you have a Memphis fairing please reference our FAQ page for details on bushing requirements.
  6. Always hand start your bolts to avoid cross threading.
  7. Torque to approximately 11 ft/lbs.
  8. Recheck torque after 200 miles.

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